Aloe Bainesii – Aloidendron barberae (Tree Aloe)

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Africa’s tallest aloe. Forms an excellent focal point in any garden. Widely used for its architectural shape. Often used in office parks and commercial sites. Young trees do well in pots but ensure pot is sturdy and wide. The tree encompasses a unique structural beauty and often considered by landscapers as a “feature” tree. Its indigenous to Africa Flowers from Tree Aloe attract birds when in bloom.

NOTE :- Stamped /watermarked photos for display purposes only.

Name Aloe Bainesii – Aloidendron barberae (Tree Aloe)
Position Sun
Watering Water smart.
Other Growth expectancy :- 60 feet H & 36” W
Non wooven Grow Bag 55 X 40cm.  N/B :- Mature instant impactful greening category.
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