Cycas Revoluta (Japanesa Sago Palm)

KSh 3,000.00

A lovely and very popular cycad that is often used in landscaping due to the drama and perfection that it adds to any garden. Growth expectancy :- 1 to 2 M H/W. Best grown in a sunny spot that has enough partial shade so the leaves won’t scorch. The male produces a cone at the centre and the female produces a mass of orange woolly seeds after fertilisation. These lie open at the centre of the plant. Sago palms are popular ornamental plants that add a tropical touch to any landscape or indoor space. They make eye-catching specimens and are great for adding texture and interest.

NOTE :- Stamped /watermarked photos for display purposes only.

Name Cycas Revoluta – Japanese Sago Palm
Position Sun to Semi-shade
Watering Water Smart
Other Can be grown indoor.They look superb in containers as their unique feathery fronds create a dramatic tropical look
Grow Paper Premium  :- 8*14*14  inches
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