Peperomia Argyreia – Watermelon

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The decorative watermelon has fascinating foliage :- -striped, waxy leaves and cream-colored spiked inflorescence add interest to this plant. It is named Watermelon Peperomia because its leaves resemble the rind of a watermelon. They tend to be small and look better in groupings of plants with similar cultural needs.

NOTE :- Stamped /watermarked photos for display purposes only.

Name Peperomia Argyreia – Watermelon
Position This plant prefers medium light, dry soil (but not too dry), and medium to low humidity.
Watering Close monitoring required
Other 8” H. Ideal specimen and desktop plant that tolerates low light
Grow Pot 12cm and 18cm top diameter

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12 cm, 18 cm

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